Do you feel overwhelmed trying to find the strategy to grow your business? Well, stop! There is a simple and secret strategy to improve and increase your sales: just use your sales force.

If you see a drop in sales, the first thing to look at is the sales side … not your strategy . Are there enough new opportunities coming into the pipeline? The second thing to look at is the sales process. Your sales representatives, like 85% of salespeople, are likely making proposals, presentations or demonstrations too early in the process at a time when potential customers are not yet ready to make their purchase decision. The Vitamin Shoppe – Sell to Vitamin Shoppe is the best option here.

  1. Your sales managers need to focus on execution

For sale, effective execution is the cement of your company’s revenue: “it goes” or “it breaks”. Business owners often blame the low impact of their strategy on revenue growth, when in fact their strategy is good, but it is the execution that is inadequate.

Your salespeople are the engine that drives your company’s revenue: you need to make sure that they are focused on getting information from their potential customers instead of giving them information. After meeting with prospects, make sure your sales managers debrief their salespeople to ensure that all the information needed for the sales process has been gathered in the field.

  1. Keep strategic decisions at the branch level or hire a VP of sales

Hiring a sales VP is good for business, as it allows sales managers and salespeople to focus on the tactical aspect of selling instead of worrying about strategic decisions.

A good sales VP will prepare your sales organization for future changes in the market and develop strategies for competition that will grow as you grow.

A sales VP must help sales managers see problems in their blind spots. His role is also to define sales strategies, in addition to creating strategic alliances and holding the entire sales force accountable for the execution of a sales process and methodology. The smart options for the Big box broker is now here.

Delegating the VP function to your sales managers will likely have a negative impact on your company’s revenue. Indeed, sales managers who have the role and responsibilities of a sales VP tend to use strategic tools to solve field execution problems. This situation will cripple the ability to execute the sales force, in addition to increasing your corporate risks and costing a lot of money.

  1. Be uncompromising about improving your sales process

Constance, consistency, the important thing is to be constant! As CEO, you know that to sell is not enough to sit comfortably and wait for your best salespeople to do all their sales work. It is your job as CEO or VP of Sales to install a reliable, repeatable sales process that is compatible with your sales culture.

  1. Automate the sales process as much as possible

Do manual processes take too much time, to the detriment of sales activities? By using sales automation software, you will dramatically improve your sales process, while helping your team focus more on sales.

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