It is easier to find a wholesale supplier if you know exactly what products you need. If you are just starting out in e-commerce and are not sure what products (products) you want to sell, read our selection guide. If you already know what you want to sell, here are tips for finding wholesale stores.

  1. Understand the distribution channels and sales in your industry

There are many ways how a product can get from the manufacturer to the seller. Understanding the distribution channels in your industry, and knowing where you are in the supply chain, can help you find the right wholesale supplier for your retail business. With the Vitamin World – Sell to Vitamin World you.

Here is a quick list of some types of wholesalers:

Manufacturer – Some products you can buy directly from the manufacturer. This is basically what a “boutique” (shop) does – buy from small (sometimes one person) producers.

Importer / exclusive distributor – In some industries, the company may have exclusive rights to import and distribute the product in a particular country. Some of them can be sold directly to retailers, but more often they are sold to smaller local wholesalers.

Wholesale / Regional Distributor – There are usually regional wholesalers who take a large supply, break it, and sell products to local wholesalers.

  • Each product has its own unique distribution channels. Some retailers will move from quite large volumes, or importers sell directly to retailers. (That’s why it’s easier to find a wholesaler when you already know the product you are looking for.)
  • At the beginning, you will buy from smaller wholesalers at higher prices.
  • Once your volume increases, you will be able to get a better price and move up the ladder to a large wholesaler.
  1. Try to buy from the manufacturer first.

You could also start with the source. If you are selling branded goods, you should go directly to the manufacturer of the product. They can sell you the goods, depending on the requirements.If you are too small for them, or they sell only through established distribution channels, ask them for a list of distributors you can contact.By starting with the source (producer), you can either get the lowest prices or at least get a list of the most reputable distributors for the starting search. The role played by the Food and beverage distributor is quite high here.

  1. Have a productive first contact with the wholesale supplier.

Take the list of wholesale distributors that you received from the manufacturer, and start referring to everyone. What you are looking for is the minimum requirements and their wholesale prices. To get the best, to be honest, do not try to seem “more” than you are, hold on to the substance, and amicably.


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