Often, before those who first decided to take up food production, the question arises: what needs to be done to sell their products legally? What documents to collect? Where can I go for this?

Today the certification center will answer all these questions, and you will understand that the design of food for sale – the procedure is not as complex as it seemed at first glance.

First of all, you should know that food, like any other product, must comply with the current regulations. It can be national standards – GOSTs, or technical regulations. To understand which standards apply to your product, you first need to familiarize yourself with the list of operating technical regulations, or even better – consult with experts of the certification center using a special service on the site or by phone. For GNC / Sell to GNC you will be able to have the best options now.

Certification or declaration?

It is worth noting that you will have to obtain a certificate for food in any case, since they all fall under the influence of certain standards. Only one product will need to receive a certificate, and to other declarations. Both documents have equal rights, but they have a number of differences in design.

As for food, most of them are subject to declaration. Get a certificate will have only for children and health food.

In addition to mandatory, each manufacturer, wishing to improve the competitiveness of their goods, can receive a certificate and voluntarily, choosing the property of products, the quality of which he wants to emphasize particularly. The voluntary certificate is based on internal GOSTs, and if it is not possible to find the required ones, the manufacturer can draw up technical specifications (TU), and on their basis receive a certificate. You may also find the Food and beverage distributor.

Certification of bottled water

Recently, many issues are caused by the certification of drinking water bottled. We hasten to assure you: there is nothing complicated in this case. Bottled water obeys the requirements of the main “food” technical regulations (on food safety), as well as technical regulations on packaging and packaging and on the labeling of food products (if water is for children, then technical regulations for children and adolescents work). That is, the water that has been poured into the container must be issued a declaration of conformity. As for specialized water (dietary, curative), a certificate of state registration is the determining document confirming its safety.
Unfortunately, the technical regulation on water, which is increasingly being discussed at the meetings of the Eurasian Economic Commission, has not been adopted so far.


This document assesses the quality of the product components at critical points, that is, for example, the freshness of eggs before they are broken into dough. Compliance with the principles today in the countries, as in the West, is fundamental for every food producer. That is, if you plan to sell products related to food products, you should also get a certificate for food products in the system.

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